November 2021
Complex@Canal in Cambridge

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Previously performed June 2021 at Boston Center for the Arts

Photo by Branden Lathan

CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA with Boston Lyric Opera
October 2021
Leader Bank Pavilion, Boston


"Boston Lyric Opera’s ‘Cavalleria rusticana’ is a triumph" - The Boston Globe

"A trio of three balletic modern dancers ... sometimes acting as a Greek chorus, and sometimes portraying festive elements like flowers and crowds, dancers Victoria Awkward, Michayla Kelly, and Marissa Molinar made for a sinuous, seething unit. They added much-needed life and motion to the production as a whole" - The Boston Musical Intelligencer

Photo by Liza Voll

SCRAPE with Victoria Lynn Awkward

June 2020

presented virtually by

Cambridge Arts and by the Dance Complex


"In Scrape, Victoria Awkward and Michayla Kelly move together ... Their technique is beautiful, and their control quite impressive for dancing in sneakers on pavement — yet what seems to be more important than that is their connection in movement ... their attunement to each other is consistent and organic" - Dance Informa

JMBT nutcracker.jpeg

THE NUTCRACKER with Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre

December 2018 & 2019 Emerson Cutler Majestic Theatre& The Strand Theatre in Boston

"Highlights of the second act character dances included ... an adorably perky “Chinese” (Sabrina Appleby and Michayla Kelly)." - The Boston Globe

"Sabrina Appleby and Michayla Kelly in Tea were also perfectly together with a playful energy and joy they brought to the stage." - City Living Boston

JMBT nutcracker.jpeg
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January & April 2019
Abigail Ogilvy Gallery & Fountain Street Gallery

"Leading into the intermission, Michayla Kelly drew down her solo and then gestured audience members to come look at the paintings in the gallery. This was a smooth way to end out the act, as well as to encourage audience members to enjoy the art that the space had to offer.​" - Dance Informa

i-QbhHXst-X3 copy.jpg
photo by Olivia Moon

PARIDE ED ELENA and LA BELLE HELEN with Odyssey opera


February & June 2019Huntington Theater, Boston

"Melinda Sullivan’s choreography captured the spirit of reform ballet, which went hand-in-hand with Gluck and Calzabigi’s operatic innovations. Four men and four women performed barefoot; steps, leaps, and elevations were graceful and modest, and the emphasis was on pantomime and tableaux. Flowing costumes added to a feeling of classical friezes brought to life." - Bach Track

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Photo by Kathy Whittman