photos by Anastasia Sierra

Originally from Cape Cod and now a Boston-based dancer, Michayla Kelly performs in contemporary, modern, ballet, and opera works. She is currently Company Manager & Artist with VLA DANCE, an educator at Franklin School for Performing Arts, and a freelance performing artist. She is passionate about delving deeply into projects and being involved with works that promote ethical arts practices.


Michayla has danced professionally with José Mateo Ballet Theatre, Odyssey Opera, Pantos Project Dance, Pat Catterson, and VLA Dance. As an arts administrator, she has worked with Cape Dance Festival, Ashani Dances, and Reaching Heart School for Ballet. She has taught dance at Franklin School for the Arts, VLA DANCE, and Reaching Heart School for Ballet, with an emphasis on ballet training that creates independent thinkers.


Michayla holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Goucher College, where she double-majored in Dance and Mathematics, graduating Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, with honors in both majors. At Goucher College, she was selected to perform in works by artists including Jessica Lang, Gabrielle Lamb, Meredith Rainey, Ronen Koresh, Adam Hougland, Iquail Shaheed, Iyun Ashani Harrison, Elizabeth Lowe Ahearn, Victoria Lynn Awkward, Ken Skresz, and Diane Coburn Bruning. She was the recipient of The Friends of Goucher Dance Prize for Outstanding Achievement in the Major, The Fine and Performing Arts Scholarship for Dance, The Ruth Baird Prize for Scholarship, Sportsmanship and Athleticism, The Marian M. Torrey Prize in Mathematics, The Pearl Davis Leavitt Award for Mathematics, and The Margaret Guccione Prize for her paper "The Fundamental Shared Essence of Dance and Mathematics.”

Michayla’s dual aptitudes for creativity and logic set her apart as an organized, versatile, and open-minded artist. She loves patterns, puzzles, and finding specificity in the most abstract of thoughts.


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photo by Olivia Blaisdell